Noriko Makino-Villanti
International leadership coach, author

Noriko Makino-Villanti is a leadership coach and author. Built upon 20+ years experience globally, and inspired by her best-selling book, Positive Feedback, she aims to transform the workplace into a kinder space where everyone can shine.


Positive Feedback (TEDx TALK Summary)

When was the last time you offered encouraging words to a colleague? What about negative criticism? Or worse, has there ever been a time when you gave or were given no feedback at all on a project or idea? Working without feedback is like driving without navigation; it’s easy to feel lost, unappreciated, perhaps even aimless in the pursuit of a goal–whether it’s a short term collaboration or a lifelong dream.

Noriko Makino Villanti has been there–filled with ideas yet feeling forgotten in the midst of a foreign, bustling city– or so she thought. Then came a turning point in her life-story. Hear Makino Villanti share how positive feedback changed her life and could make a difference in yours. As work environments become more dynamic, workplace cultures can also  become more volatile. Makino Villanti’s explanation of the four pillars of Positive Feedback offers valuable tools for helping colleagues find value in their work and  take ownership of tasks great and small. These simple steps can spark joy, save the day, and inspire a lifetime.


Noriko offers coaching for individuals contemplating life-changing shifts in career, as well as to the leaders changing the cultures and effectiveness of the team. She also conducts experiential based corporate training and workshops for companies to improve the productivity as well as to expand their reach into international markets. All her coaching/ trainings are based on positive feedback.

By focusing on recognising the full potential of a person (in an individual or group setting) Noriko not only helps to meet the goals of an individual or corporation, but more importantly, she helps to transform lives by empowering others to consider next steps and to lead from a place of strength, cooperation and open-mindedness.





Noriko’s Stage-Up Program enables each person to recognise the value they bring to the workplace and how it impacts everyday decisions and lifelong choices.

The Stage-Up Program has three paths to choose from:

1) Career change to a new environment (including relocation abroad)
2) Starting one’s own business
3) Moving up the corporate ladder while leveraging your own strengths

Additionally, Noriko maintains a community of support consisting of female professionals who learn from each other’s experiences. Noriko regularly meets with her professional community online and in-person as part of her commitment to help sustain female role models for the present and future generations.

Leadership and community go hand in hand in Noriko’s philosophy. That is why she has created a coaching program, especially designed for women, that includes individual and group coaching.





Tapped for high-profile projects such as the creation of the first Johnnie Walker House in Shanghai, marketing for L’Oreal in Japan and its Paris HQ, heading startup efforts in Value Retail in Italy and China, Noriko has built an unlikely career for herself as a Japanese-born businesswoman.

Being a native of Tokyo and educated in the USA, Singapore and France, and having worked in 10 countries, for Noriko, international is not a bygone dream; diversity is not a buzz-word; and success is not a selfish aim; for Noriko success is an opportunity to build a bridge and become a role model for others to follow.
Her corporate programs include but are not limited to: Positive Feedback, Women’s empowerment, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Pre-and post Expat training and coaching as well as cross-cultural communication.

MESSAGE - Noriko Makino-Villanti


During my career, I have gone through many struggles: sometimes, I felt frustrated when I could not make myself understood in foreign languages, and as a female professional working in companies with few female role models, I thought I had to give up working since I had a daughter with a rare genetic condition.

Thanks to great mentors who encouraged me and who gave me positive feedback, I was able to continue trying and pursuing my career goals. They believed in me more than I believed in myself.

Now that I work as a coach, everyday I talk to people who feel that they have lost confidence and motivation in their careers. Even when they are capable, many of them don’t believe in their own potential. With positive feedback, however, they begin to recognise talent and skills that otherwise were buried under negative perceptions. Positive feedback has both short-term and long-term effects.

I am passionate about guiding colleagues and leaders in helping them to achieve tangible, lasting results–whether it’s starting their dream job or helping teams transition to a new environment.

Leadership and community go hand and hand. If you are facing a big challenge or trying to reach a goal which seems high and scary, please get in touch with me.
I look forward to speaking with you.